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Parcel Post Service

General Information
Parcel Post is the packaging contain goods the send by post to addressee in their own mail transportation. The dimension and weight of the parcel post is larger than postal items. The content of parcel post shall not contain letter or making a list of inside-content with personal contact, and the package is sealed. The parcel post transport in the country is domestic parcel post, and the parcel send cross border is international parcel post.

  • Condition for accepting parcel post items
    The items must meet the requirement of Cambodia Post before accepting the parcel post:
    1- Dimension
    1.1 Maximum: Length + Width + Height must not exceed 3m and the maximum length is not longer than 1.50m
    1.2 Minimum: L:9cm x W:14cm x H:2cm
    2- Weight: domestic and international parcel post is 30kg at maximum
    Note: For international parcel post, the sender must check and follow the requirement of the destination country as above mention #1 and #2 of dimension and weight cap.
  • Principle of Offering Parcel Post Service
    The Parcel Post Service is authorized by the resolution letter from the MPTC for their Post Office Branch to run business of parcel post for accepting the parcel post and delivery. For international parcel post service is applicable only with partner country that we have signed MOU with.
  • Exception from Import Tax
    Parcel post that are allowed for import tax exemption are applicable as mention in article 8 of postal law, and the exceptional for parcel post that sending for prison of war is 5 kg in maximum, or if the parcel post article is undetectable it may allow up to 10 kg.