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Letter and Small Package 2016-12-07T17:08:01+00:00

Letter and Small Package

Postal items define into 5 categories:

  • Letter: they are included letter and letter package that come letter writing, typerwriting, printed letter focus on the personal communication, sealed with maximum weight of 2kg for international letter post, and upto 3kg for domestic letter post.
  • Post Card: it is the type of card with photo printed one side and other for writing pane for short messages.
  • Print Mater : They are papers, magazine, printed journal, catalogues, and with no specal personal communication but they are used for cicularing information in open manner. It is up to 5kg in maximum weight.
  • Small Packet: it is the pacakage or box contain postal article that’s not in pravacy communication or exceptional and not sealed or closed, upto 2kg.
  • Education material for blind: that are included CD audio, tap, special lab tool for blind class, embossed printer material with enclosed and sealed up to 7 kg.
  • Surface mail by air: the article with tax exemption are Surface Air Leaf.
  • Air Mail: customer just write message on paper with printed stamp in form of envelop that is not allowed to contain any inside article.
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